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Thursday, August 22, 2013

5* David Lichman Parelli Natural Horsemanship Workshop & Horseback Riding Trek, January 21-30, 2014

5* David Lichman Parelli Natural Horsemanship Workshop & Horseback Riding Trek, January 21-30, 2014

These photos were taken of David during a workshop hosted by Barking Horse Farm in 2008. David has returned to us every year since. In 2011 Barking Horse Farm followed his workshop with on of our 8 day "Treks to the Beach". We offered the same parelli vacation package again in 2012 and 2013. This si what our Parelli riders had to say about theri experience trekking with us:

"This is the best vacation a Parelli person could have. I was sad to say goodbye to my new partner. It was amazing how attached you becae to your horse in such a short time. Having all the like (Parelli) minded people around you during the entire experience was so amazing and really made teh whole trek fantastic. I wll always remember this as teh greatest vacation ever!!!"

David will be teaching a two day workshop January 21-30, 2014. We are taking reservations now. We keep the treks to an 8 rider minimum so early sign up is recommended. For more information about David's workshop and this years trek follow the links below. We hope to see you in Costa Rica with David!

(following David's workshop)

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