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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Still space available for our workshop/treks in Jan, Feb & March, 2013

Last Season's post!

Still space available for the Barking Horse Farm 

Parelli  Workshop / Treks 2013!

 January - July, 2013 

Jan 18-27, 2013, Rainforest Trek 
5* Parelli instructor David Lichman

 2 day workshop and 8 dy riding adventure that takes you through the Puriscal Mountains all the way to the beach where you swim with your horse in the sea. Join David for his 6th time back with us at Barking Horse Farm. There are only three spaces left for this event so don't miss out! Make your reservation now at

February 17-26, 2013 Nicoya Eco/Beach Trek with 

4* Parelli Instructor Nita Jo Rush. 

Study for two days with Nita Jo, then join her for her third trek with us and ride with her for three days through the ecologically diverse mountains of Nicoya  and three days more on the secluded beaches of the "Gold Coast". Delux accommodations and Boutique Hotels add the the experience. Enjoy the wild side of Costa Rica with out giving up your ceature comforts! Taking reservations now at

March 12-21, 2013, The Nicoya Eco/Beach Trek with 4* Teri Sprague. 

April 19-28, 2013, The Rainforest Trek with 3* Christine Madoni. 

June 7-16, 2013, The Rainforest Trek with Susan Nelson and Maurice Thibault.

June 18-27, 2013, The Nicoya Eco/Beach Trek with Susan nelson and Maurice Thibault.

July 12-21, 2013, The Rainforest Trek with Kelly Sigler. 

For more information about these treks please visit our main webapge

See you in Costa Rica!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This is Noel and Tini getting to know each other en route on the Barking Horse Farm trek to the beach. We have several treks scheduled for the 2013 season if you want to join us. Come and ride with us in tropical Costa Rica this winter! Visit our main web page

Monday, May 28, 2012

2013 Parelli Workshop and Trek to the Beach Schedule

Last Season's Post!
Announcing our 2013 Workshop and Trek schedule! Come and join us in our tropical paradise this winter!

2013 Schedule

Parelli Workshops  

Practice the Parelli you love, with your favorite instructor while exploring Costa Rica on horseback.

All workshops are followed by a 6 day trek to the beach.
5* Instructor David Lichman will be teaching a 2 day workshop  January 19th & 20th, 2013David will not be joining the group on the trek. 
My mission is to help you realize your dream of having a great relationship with your horse, no matter what activities or disciplines you participate in together.
Your dream horse is waiting for you inside the horse you already own.
4* Parelli Instructor Nita Jo Rush will be teaching a 2 day workshop February 6th & 7th, 2013.The workshop will be followed by the 7 day “Wilderness” trek to the beach. 
Join Nita Jo on this wonderful and educational adventure through Costa Rica.
Dates for the whole event are Feb 5th – 14th.  
Come let me be your  ”user-friendly” guide to new and deeper understandings of horses and Parelli, of horseplay and riding, of “love, language, and leadership.”  Let ‘s go together on both the mind-bending horse-man-ship journey and the adventure of the trek.  Come laugh, learn, and play as we escape winter!
4* Parelli Instructor Teri Sprague will be teaching a two day workshop March 2nd & 3rd, 2013. The workshop will be followed by a 6 day trek to the beach. 
Join Teri on this wonderful and educational adventure through Costa Rica.
Dates for the whole event are March 1st – 10th.  
With over 30 years of horse experience she teaches clinics, workshops, and other events around the United States using a creative, informative, and fun approach to Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship that emphasizes imagination, affirmation, and progress.
Contact us at or visit our main site at for more info and to make a reservation. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

3* Parelli Instructors Susan Nelson and Maurice Thibault December 6-15, 2014

Come spend time with TWO 3-Star Licensed Parelli Professionals for an intensive, educational and fun filled weekend at Barking Horse Farm in Costa Rica!

Barking Horse Farm offers a 6 day 7 night trek from the mountains to the sea and the two days prior will be filled with clinic style teaching from Maurice and Susan. We will have two instructors and two groups of people learning at the same time. Throughout the weekend, the clinic Susan and Maurice will have dynamic sessions on improving your on-line and riding skills, regardless of what level you are playing with. Plus, they will be having theory and simulation sessions to really make it a complete experience for all in attendance. There will be 12 hours of play and learning time over these two days…plus the bonus of having two instructors for the entire weekend!

 After the workshop ride out with Susan and Maurice on an adventure through rural Costa Rica. Practice the Parelli you love with beautiful, well cared for, Parelli trained horses, while exploring one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Space is limited so don’t miss out!

For more information and to make your reservation visit our main webpage at