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Monday, November 9, 2015

Workshop and Ride with Nita Jo Rush, 4* Parelli Instructor

February 8-17, 2016
Join Nita Jo for 10 days of learning and adventure in Costa Rica.

We are happy to welcome Nita Jo back to Barking Horse Farm for her 5th trek with us. She will be teaching a two day workshop in the Parelli method of Natural Horsemanship then riding out with the group all the way to the beach. Learn new skills in the two day workshop and then practice them on on the trail. Just imagine how much you will learn with the support of your intstructor as you ride for a week from the mountains to the beach. And imagine how much fun you will have riding with like minded Parelli students on horses trained exclusively with Parelli techniques.

Each day of riding is different from the last as you travel through a variety of ecosystems from high in the mountains, through the foot hills and rain forests, to the coastal plains to finally arrive at the beach.
Ride through and along the Tulin River from it's headwaters high the mountains all the way to the ocean. 

Finally gallop along pristine beaches and swim with your horse in the ocean. 
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Winter Horse Riding Vacations, 2015-2016 Season

Are you planning for a your escape from the 2016 winter season? 
Are horses and Natural Horsemanship what you love? 
You have found the right place. Check out our 

Or perhaps you would like a farm based vacation 
where you explore the dozen's of beautiful mountain trails 
surrounding the farm. 
Stay in our

or stay in the comfortable rooms of the

Enjoy healthy meals made from fresh local produce, prepared with love, in the spacious farm kitchen.  Add on a Natural Horsemanship workshop taught by on of the returning Parelli Professionals and you have the perfect horseman/woman's vacation. If this sounds good to you please
contact us directly 
or make your reservation on line.