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Friday, November 1, 2013

"2 for 1" Offer on December Rain Forest Trek

This Year Give Yourself a Valentines Day Gift in Costa Rica

With 4* Parelli instructor Nita Jo Rush
February 14-23, 2014

 Get to know your horse and learn new natural horsemanship techniques with our level 2+ horses and 4* Nita Jo Rush and then Join Nita Jo in the Barking Horse Farm Jungle River Trek.  Start at our mountain farm, pass through multiple ecosystems at various altitudes, ride through parts of Costa Rica most tourist never get to see, to arrive at the Pacific Ocean.

Enjoy 2 days of workshop, 6 riding days and two travel days, for only;

 Fullfill your dreams of riding down the beach, swim with your horse in the warm tropical waters of Costa Rica's Pacific ocean, discover waterfalls hidden deep in the jungle, sight a multitude of tropical birds like the magnificant Scalet Macaw, and marvel at the incredible natural beauty that is Costa Rica.
Below are some photos from this past season's Rain Forest Trek. Please check out our day to day itinerary and if you like what you see make a reservation or contact us at Barking Horse Farm.

Please check out our 

and if you like what you see 


at Barking Horse Farm.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

5* David Lichman Parelli Natural Horsemanship Workshop & Horseback Riding Trek, January 21-30, 2014

5* David Lichman Parelli Natural Horsemanship Workshop & Horseback Riding Trek, January 21-30, 2014

These photos were taken of David during a workshop hosted by Barking Horse Farm in 2008. David has returned to us every year since. In 2011 Barking Horse Farm followed his workshop with on of our 8 day "Treks to the Beach". We offered the same parelli vacation package again in 2012 and 2013. This si what our Parelli riders had to say about theri experience trekking with us:

"This is the best vacation a Parelli person could have. I was sad to say goodbye to my new partner. It was amazing how attached you becae to your horse in such a short time. Having all the like (Parelli) minded people around you during the entire experience was so amazing and really made teh whole trek fantastic. I wll always remember this as teh greatest vacation ever!!!"

David will be teaching a two day workshop January 21-30, 2014. We are taking reservations now. We keep the treks to an 8 rider minimum so early sign up is recommended. For more information about David's workshop and this years trek follow the links below. We hope to see you in Costa Rica with David!

(following David's workshop)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This winter join Barking Horse Farm for a Parelli workshop followed by 6 days of horseback trekking through the mountains and beaches of warm and sunny Costa Rica!

(workshop attendance is not mandatory)

Barking Horse Farm is looking forward to our 6th season of providing Parelli adventures on horseback in tropical Costa Rica.  

We expect this season to be the best of all. For the second year in a row we will be offering a choice of three exciting treks, each in a different part of the beautiful country of Costa Rica. We have a line up of some fantastic 3*-5* Parelli instructors including David Lichman (5*), Nita Jo Rush (4*) Teri Sprague (4*), Maurice Thibault (4*), Susan Nelson (3*), Fawn Anderson (3*), and Christine Madoni (3*). 

We are taking reservations now for our 2013-2014 workshop and trekking schedule (December 2013-April 2014)  Please visit our website for complete itineraries and a detailed schedule of events. You can fill out our on line reservation form or write to us directly with any questions you may have at

Don't miss out! Space is limited to 8 riders per trek so sign up early! Hope to see you in paradise this winter!