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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Parelli Workshop and Trek to the Beach!

We have our 2012 workshop and trek schedule ready! We have some great Parelli instructors coming to the farm such as 5 * David Lichman and 4* Nita Jo Rush and others. The instructors will be teaching a two day workshop after which they will ride with their students on a 6 day trek from the farm to the beach. What a way to really live your Parelli!

Let us find your perfect match with one of our beautiful, Parelli trained horses, study with your favorite teacher, then see some of the most stunning and wild parts of Costa Rica while honing your riding skills along the way. Please visit our main website or follow the hotlinks for all the details.


Unknown said...

Its look great tracks for horses back riding,its important to find the perfect match for trained horses.I am basically a Costa Rica Real Estate business providers and also enjoying the horses riding.

canyonridescom said...

I love horses! I owned one for several years. Horseback riding is very relaxing to me.

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