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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Jungle River Trek

5 nights, 4 full days of riding

January 13-18, 2019

Travel through the jungle wilderness areas of the Scarlet Macaw Corridor, following the Rio Tulin from the head waters in the mountains, all the way to the Pacific ocean. Pass through some very remote and beautiful areas of Costa Rica and enjoy a rich cultural exchange staying with families along the way and relax in luxury at a beach front resort hotel for the last two nights of the trip. 
Only 2 spots left in this trek but others can be arranged to fit your schedule. Check out our website or facebook page for prices and special offers. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Trekking Schedule for 2017-2018

Trekking Season 2017-2018

I have just updated the website with this season’s trekking schedule. Our December trek is already filled but our trek in January still has two spaces available and the schedule is open for February and March if you would like to schedule your own dates for either of the three treks that we offer.  Please visit our main website pages for all the details.

Jungle River Trek: 

nights lodging, 4 full days of riding.  
P1010649Follow the Tulin River from its headwaters high in the mountains, as it passes through a variety of different ecosystems, through the Scarlet Macaw Corridor, to finally arrive at the beautiful and pristine beaches of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. This trek includes some exciting techinical riding in the mountains and, as the river assimilates its many tributaries and widens, plenty of chances to ride all gaits. At the beach you will enjoy galloping along the uninhabited beaches and swimming with your horse in the ocean. Lodging is with rural, farming families along the trek route (3 nights) and at an upscale beach front hotel (2 nights). For a detailed trek itinerary with schedules and pricing, please visit our Jungle River Trek page.
January 19-24, 2018 (only two spaces left)
$2,000 USD

Rain Forest Trek: 

nights lodging, 5 full days of riding, 1 rest/touring day.
March fotos 015Begin your vacation in rustic luxury at Barking Horse Farm with a night in our“Dream Catcher Tree House”. Then travel through the high mountains of Puriscal to the Rain Forests of Mastatal.  Tour Iguana Chocolate, an authentic chocolate farm, and learn first hand how chocolate is made. Hike the well groomed trails of La Cangreja National Park and swim in a jungle waterfall, or tour the inovative structures and systems at the Rancho Mastatal Sustainability Education Center. Dare to thrill to the excitement of the longest zip line in Costa Rica at Sky Mountain Canopy Tour, then ride through plantations of Papaya and Banana, and swim with your horse in the ocean. Lodging is at Barking Horse Farm (1 night), with a rural farming family (1 night), at local guest houses (3 nights) and at an upscale beachfront hotel (1 night).  For a detailed itinerary  with schedules and pricing please visit our Rain Forest Trek Page.         
December 5-13, 2017(no spaces left)
$2,500 USD
February and March: The schedule is open for your own dates.
This season we are bringing back the Nicoya Trek that we have run a few seasons back. Jorge Sauma has added a large riding arena to his ranch and he is hosting several Natural Horsemanship Instructors there. The Natural Horsemanship clinics will be followed by the Sabanero Nicoya Trek which starts at the his La Gama Ranch and takes you through the mountains and along the Pacific Coast Beaches. The beautifully renovated hacienda provides you with comfortable lodging during the clinics and the trek routes are established and well organized with excelent lodging.

Sabanero Nicoya Trek 

7 nights, 5 full days of riding, 1 beach rest day 
DSC07609We have joined up with our good friend Jorge at Sabanero Horseventures in Nicoya to offer you the following trek.  The Sabanero Trek takes you on a spectacular journey full of the natural beauty unique to the Nicoya Peninsula. Ride through jungles, swim with your horse in estuaries, see howler monkeys, dive into lagoons & waterfalls, enjoy fresh Pina Coladas and soak up the sun & surf at the beaches. The trip will feature a variety of first rate accommodations, including a mountain eco lodge with restaurant and pool, a beach front house, and two 5 star resorts plus one night in the rustic homes of local villagers.  Your luggage will be waiting to meet you at each destination.
Clasic Sabanero Trek Schedule
December 9-16, 2017 with Cal Middleton Clinic 
$2950 USD
January 20-30, 2018 with Glenn Stewart Clinic$2950 USD
February 10-17, 2018  Original Sabanero$2400 USD
February 24- March 03, 2018 with Micaela Love Clinic
$2950 USD
March 17-24, 2018 Original Sabanero
$2400 USD
April 07-14, 2018  Original Sabanero
$2400 USD
Click on the instructors name  for more information about them. Click on the trek name for a detailed itinerary. 
We hope you can join us for some wonderfull riding this winter, escape the cold and see some of the beautiful country we call home.
I hope to hear from you,

Monday, November 9, 2015

Workshop and Ride with Nita Jo Rush, 4* Parelli Instructor

February 8-17, 2016
Join Nita Jo for 10 days of learning and adventure in Costa Rica.

We are happy to welcome Nita Jo back to Barking Horse Farm for her 5th trek with us. She will be teaching a two day workshop in the Parelli method of Natural Horsemanship then riding out with the group all the way to the beach. Learn new skills in the two day workshop and then practice them on on the trail. Just imagine how much you will learn with the support of your intstructor as you ride for a week from the mountains to the beach. And imagine how much fun you will have riding with like minded Parelli students on horses trained exclusively with Parelli techniques.

Each day of riding is different from the last as you travel through a variety of ecosystems from high in the mountains, through the foot hills and rain forests, to the coastal plains to finally arrive at the beach.
Ride through and along the Tulin River from it's headwaters high the mountains all the way to the ocean. 

Finally gallop along pristine beaches and swim with your horse in the ocean. 
Please visit our website for more information and to make your reservation. Or contact Liz directly at

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Winter Horse Riding Vacations, 2015-2016 Season

Are you planning for a your escape from the 2016 winter season? 
Are horses and Natural Horsemanship what you love? 
You have found the right place. Check out our 

Or perhaps you would like a farm based vacation 
where you explore the dozen's of beautiful mountain trails 
surrounding the farm. 
Stay in our

or stay in the comfortable rooms of the

Enjoy healthy meals made from fresh local produce, prepared with love, in the spacious farm kitchen.  Add on a Natural Horsemanship workshop taught by on of the returning Parelli Professionals and you have the perfect horseman/woman's vacation. If this sounds good to you please
contact us directly 
or make your reservation on line. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Yoga and Horsemanship, February 25 - March 2, 2015

is happy to be hosting this special horseback riding retreat with 


 February 25 - March 2, 2015

Experience the magic that combining
  Yoga with Horsemanship 
can bring. 

for more information about this horseback riding adventure. 

Click Here

Saturday, September 20, 2014

David Lichman workshop in Costa Rica in January, 2015

David Lichman 5* Parelli Instructor 

will be with us again at Barking Horse Farm 
for another great 2 day workshop.

January 12 and 13, 2015

The workshop will be followed by a 

6 day riding adventure

 from the mountains to the beach.

Get to know your horse with David, learn new skills and then practice them in the following week while your ride through the amazing beauty of the Costa Rican landscape. Each day of riding is different from the last as you pass through a variety of ecosystems  descending from high in the mountains all the way to the beach.

The workshop and trek can be attended separately or together as a package.
Please visit our main website

for more information and prices.
or contact us at

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Get a Jump Start on Spring with a Parelli Riding Vacation in Costa Rica!

Beat the Winter Cold
with a
Parelli Riding Vacation in Costa Rica. 

Join 4* Teri Sprague on February 11-20, 2015
for the 

Don't miss this 8 day, 7 night horseback trek through the jungle wilderness areas of the Scarlet Macaw Corridor and the Rio Tulin.
Enjoy 2 workshop days and 6 full riding days (plus 2 travel days)

for only $2200 USD

(includes all meals, lodging & airport pick up)

This exciting Parelli adventure in Paridise starts with a two day workshop at Barking Horse Farm with 

4* Parelli Professional Teri Sprague. 

Then takes you on the Barking Horse Farm Parelli level 2+ horses through parts of Costa Rica farm from the tourist areas and into some of the most pristine and untouched areas of Costa Rica, only reached on horseback or by foot.

Check out the complete day by day itinerary for this trek. 

Contact us and complete our online registration to reserve our space.  
This trek is only being offered once this year so don't miss it! 

We look forward to riding with you 
on Barking Horse Farm's most exciting trek of the year!

Friday, November 1, 2013

"2 for 1" Offer on December Rain Forest Trek

This Year Give Yourself a Valentines Day Gift in Costa Rica

With 4* Parelli instructor Nita Jo Rush
February 14-23, 2014

 Get to know your horse and learn new natural horsemanship techniques with our level 2+ horses and 4* Nita Jo Rush and then Join Nita Jo in the Barking Horse Farm Jungle River Trek.  Start at our mountain farm, pass through multiple ecosystems at various altitudes, ride through parts of Costa Rica most tourist never get to see, to arrive at the Pacific Ocean.

Enjoy 2 days of workshop, 6 riding days and two travel days, for only;

 Fullfill your dreams of riding down the beach, swim with your horse in the warm tropical waters of Costa Rica's Pacific ocean, discover waterfalls hidden deep in the jungle, sight a multitude of tropical birds like the magnificant Scalet Macaw, and marvel at the incredible natural beauty that is Costa Rica.
Below are some photos from this past season's Rain Forest Trek. Please check out our day to day itinerary and if you like what you see make a reservation or contact us at Barking Horse Farm.

Please check out our 

and if you like what you see 


at Barking Horse Farm.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

5* David Lichman Parelli Natural Horsemanship Workshop & Horseback Riding Trek, January 21-30, 2014

5* David Lichman Parelli Natural Horsemanship Workshop & Horseback Riding Trek, January 21-30, 2014

These photos were taken of David during a workshop hosted by Barking Horse Farm in 2008. David has returned to us every year since. In 2011 Barking Horse Farm followed his workshop with on of our 8 day "Treks to the Beach". We offered the same parelli vacation package again in 2012 and 2013. This si what our Parelli riders had to say about theri experience trekking with us:

"This is the best vacation a Parelli person could have. I was sad to say goodbye to my new partner. It was amazing how attached you becae to your horse in such a short time. Having all the like (Parelli) minded people around you during the entire experience was so amazing and really made teh whole trek fantastic. I wll always remember this as teh greatest vacation ever!!!"

David will be teaching a two day workshop January 21-30, 2014. We are taking reservations now. We keep the treks to an 8 rider minimum so early sign up is recommended. For more information about David's workshop and this years trek follow the links below. We hope to see you in Costa Rica with David!

(following David's workshop)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This winter join Barking Horse Farm for a Parelli workshop followed by 6 days of horseback trekking through the mountains and beaches of warm and sunny Costa Rica!

(workshop attendance is not mandatory)

Barking Horse Farm is looking forward to our 6th season of providing Parelli adventures on horseback in tropical Costa Rica.  

We expect this season to be the best of all. For the second year in a row we will be offering a choice of three exciting treks, each in a different part of the beautiful country of Costa Rica. We have a line up of some fantastic 3*-5* Parelli instructors including David Lichman (5*), Nita Jo Rush (4*) Teri Sprague (4*), Maurice Thibault (4*), Susan Nelson (3*), Fawn Anderson (3*), and Christine Madoni (3*). 

We are taking reservations now for our 2013-2014 workshop and trekking schedule (December 2013-April 2014)  Please visit our website for complete itineraries and a detailed schedule of events. You can fill out our on line reservation form or write to us directly with any questions you may have at

Don't miss out! Space is limited to 8 riders per trek so sign up early! Hope to see you in paradise this winter!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Still space available for our workshop/treks in Jan, Feb & March, 2013

Last Season's post!

Still space available for the Barking Horse Farm 

Parelli  Workshop / Treks 2013!

 January - July, 2013 

Jan 18-27, 2013, Rainforest Trek 
5* Parelli instructor David Lichman

 2 day workshop and 8 dy riding adventure that takes you through the Puriscal Mountains all the way to the beach where you swim with your horse in the sea. Join David for his 6th time back with us at Barking Horse Farm. There are only three spaces left for this event so don't miss out! Make your reservation now at

February 17-26, 2013 Nicoya Eco/Beach Trek with 

4* Parelli Instructor Nita Jo Rush. 

Study for two days with Nita Jo, then join her for her third trek with us and ride with her for three days through the ecologically diverse mountains of Nicoya  and three days more on the secluded beaches of the "Gold Coast". Delux accommodations and Boutique Hotels add the the experience. Enjoy the wild side of Costa Rica with out giving up your ceature comforts! Taking reservations now at

March 12-21, 2013, The Nicoya Eco/Beach Trek with 4* Teri Sprague. 

April 19-28, 2013, The Rainforest Trek with 3* Christine Madoni. 

June 7-16, 2013, The Rainforest Trek with Susan Nelson and Maurice Thibault.

June 18-27, 2013, The Nicoya Eco/Beach Trek with Susan nelson and Maurice Thibault.

July 12-21, 2013, The Rainforest Trek with Kelly Sigler. 

For more information about these treks please visit our main webapge

See you in Costa Rica!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This is Noel and Tini getting to know each other en route on the Barking Horse Farm trek to the beach. We have several treks scheduled for the 2013 season if you want to join us. Come and ride with us in tropical Costa Rica this winter! Visit our main web page

Monday, May 28, 2012

2013 Parelli Workshop and Trek to the Beach Schedule

Last Season's Post!
Announcing our 2013 Workshop and Trek schedule! Come and join us in our tropical paradise this winter!

2013 Schedule

Parelli Workshops  

Practice the Parelli you love, with your favorite instructor while exploring Costa Rica on horseback.

All workshops are followed by a 6 day trek to the beach.
5* Instructor David Lichman will be teaching a 2 day workshop  January 19th & 20th, 2013David will not be joining the group on the trek. 
My mission is to help you realize your dream of having a great relationship with your horse, no matter what activities or disciplines you participate in together.
Your dream horse is waiting for you inside the horse you already own.
4* Parelli Instructor Nita Jo Rush will be teaching a 2 day workshop February 6th & 7th, 2013.The workshop will be followed by the 7 day “Wilderness” trek to the beach. 
Join Nita Jo on this wonderful and educational adventure through Costa Rica.
Dates for the whole event are Feb 5th – 14th.  
Come let me be your  ”user-friendly” guide to new and deeper understandings of horses and Parelli, of horseplay and riding, of “love, language, and leadership.”  Let ‘s go together on both the mind-bending horse-man-ship journey and the adventure of the trek.  Come laugh, learn, and play as we escape winter!
4* Parelli Instructor Teri Sprague will be teaching a two day workshop March 2nd & 3rd, 2013. The workshop will be followed by a 6 day trek to the beach. 
Join Teri on this wonderful and educational adventure through Costa Rica.
Dates for the whole event are March 1st – 10th.  
With over 30 years of horse experience she teaches clinics, workshops, and other events around the United States using a creative, informative, and fun approach to Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship that emphasizes imagination, affirmation, and progress.
Contact us at or visit our main site at for more info and to make a reservation.